About Me

Adele Halsall


I’m Adele, a writer and wholefoods blogger from Liverpool, UK. I have an obsession with all things natural, vegan and cruelty-free, and am on a mission to show people how awesome eating plant-based can be.

Everything’s Peachy is about my passion for plant-based foods and all the wonderful goodness that goes with them. We each only get one body; we may as well take care of it. I really believe that food has the ability not just to fuel, but to heal, change lives and bring people closer together. When you nourish your body, you also nourish your soul.

On this blog you’ll find my favourite recipes, ingredients and brands that are all hugely helpful in living a healthy plant-based life. All photos are taken by me, with photos of me taken by my wonderful and talented partner, Christian Scott. You can check out his work here.

When not cooking, photographing or writing about food, I’m usually busy making music, working on set or doing yoga/pilates in my living room.

Wanna get in touch? Catch me on Twitter or Instagram, or drop me a line: hello@everythingspeachy.co.uk.



Sometimes on this site I may use affiliate links within posts. This means I will receive a small commission (literally pennies!) if you decide to buy through that link. It costs you no more, no less, than it would otherwise. As I only ever recommend products I genuinely love and would use, you know you’re in good hands.