All-Natural Deodorant Recipe That Really WORKS

Homemade natural deodorant

Man, I can hardly believe we’re in February already! Like, where did January actually go??

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. January often has this sneaky way of slipping by silently before we know it; luring us to believe it’s a long stretch of blissful mundaneness when in fact it’s actually no different to any other month. I hope you guys have had an awesome start to 2017, and are as excited as I am for what February has to offer.

January for me has been a little busier than usual; in part due to squeezing in a trip and then also down to a few other commitments. However, February is now here and I’m determined to make this short month just as productive and fun-filled as the last. Starting, of course, with my review of Vegan Life Mag!

Below are just a few of my favourite bits of this month’s issue. Be sure to head over to their website or pick up a copy for yourself from WHSmith or Waterstones.


DIY Beauty

Homemade natural deodorant

The main thing I loved about this month’s issue of Vegan Life is how ‘DIY beauty’-based it was. This I love, not just because I adore anything that’s natural and homemade, but also because this time of year tends to be all about saving money and I’m pretty sure, as any gal will attest, that beauty rituals can be quite a drain on the ol’ bank balance.

Inside the mag you’ll find some recipes by Sunny Subramanian from her book, ‘The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to Beauty‘. Along with a vanilla latte body scrub and avocado and papaya face masks, there’s also a recipe for an all-natural homemade deodorant, which you can find at the bottom of this post.

Be sure to check out Sunny’s other DIY beauty recipes and read more about the inspiration behind her book.

Homemade natural deodorant


Spotted: Coconut Bowls

Something that caught my eye this month in ‘Julie’s Vegan Finds’ were some delightful looking coconut bowls from Beautiful yet strong, the bowls are made from the shells of real coconuts and are an awesome rustic addition to your kitchen. I’m obsessed and can’t wait to buy one!

EDIT: I later reviewed these here.


Also Spotted: Organyc Feminine Care

Though many of us know the damage that conventional feminine care products do to our environment, very few of us actually bother to change brand. I myself am guilty of this, and I guess it’s because it’s so easy to pick up your usual box of Tampax (which are owned by Unilever, one of the largest animal-testing companies) instead of go on the hunt for an alternative.

I put this largely down to the fact that we don’t KNOW what other brands are out there. We see such little advertising from the smaller independent companies in comparison to the big conglomerates, and it really is a shame. Luckily this month an ad for Organyc feminine care caught my eye, and I believe it may be the answer!

All of Organyc’s products are non-toxic, organic, 100% cotton (no rayon) and are free from all synthetics and cellulose. How about that, right? G0 check them out –


Myth 13: “Leather is a by-product of the meat industry”

In each issue of Vegan Life, there is a page dedicated to debunking the common myths that surround a cruelty-free lifestyle. This month is focused on the misconception that leather is a by-product of the meat industry, which is absolutely not the case.

I would seriously recommend everybody who picks up the magazine to have a look at this article because it certainly helps with explaining it to other people. So next time someone asks why you don’t wear leather, you’ll be able to answer with the facts.


All-Natural Deodorant Recipe

Homemade natural deodorant

For all those obsessed with ensuring their bathroom is as cruelty-free as possible, you’ve probably experienced the annoying conundrum that is finding a natural deodorant that really WORKS.

I’ve tried so many natural brands and have always been disappointed with how they barely last through the morning. Hence, the slow reversion back to conventional deodorants. Sigh.

However, this month’s Vegan Life included Sunny Subramanian’s recipe for a homemade deodorant, which according to another blogger is “yoga, boxing and running” proof(!). You can use any essential oils you like (I used peppermint). However, lavender, lemongrass and tea tree are all said to be good odour-busters.



1 tbsp baking soda
3 tbsp arrowroot powder (or cornstarch)
2 tbsp melted coconut oil (I like Groovy Food brand)
5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil(s)


Homemade natural deodorant



  • Mix the arrowroot powder and baking soda together in a small bowl.
  • Stir in the melted coconut oil and add your drops of essential oil.
  • Mix together until a paste has formed and store in a jar at room temperature.
  • To apply, rub a small amount of the paste over underarm skin and allow to dry.


Homemade natural deodorant


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  1. I’m interested to know how folk get on with this deodorant – i made it some time ago (same recipe) and it ruined one of my favourite tops! So I’ve been reluctant to try it again…..

    1. Hey Su 🙂 Oh no, that’s terrible!! I haven’t experienced that yet but will defo be on the look out for it! If I experience anything of the sort I will note it on this blog post. Was it a certain type of material? Thanks for your advice 🙂

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