The Juicery – Liverpool Juice & Smoothie Bar

The Juicery Liverpool

I thought it would be time to share another of my favourite foodie places with you guys. Today it’s all about The Juicery, an all-vegan food and juice bar in Liverpool!

As many of you probably know, Liverpool is a diverse city and it is not hard to find cool vegan places to eat. However, when I first started working daily in the city, two years ago, there had never been a fully raw vegan juice and smoothie bar.

That is…until The Juicery came along!

The Juicery Liverpool


About The Juicery

The Juicery is based in Exchange Flags square, in the city centre’s business district. Although it is mostly closed on weekends, it is a godsend to many busy commuters and city workers throughout the week.

Run by the lovely ladies Cat and Jen, this place is a warm, friendly ray of sunshine to anybody that walks through its doors. Cat and Jen are clearly so passionate about what they do; they put love and care into everything they make and it really makes all the difference.

Juice bar in Liverpool

When I first started going to The Juicery, the girls were still finding their feet a little. It wasn’t long before I was going in so regularly that the girls knew me by name!

Fast forward two years later and the pair have transformed their little shop, offering more tasty treats than ever in a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

Here are a few things you can expect when you visit The Juicery.


Smoothies & Juices

Raw juices in Liverpool

The Juicery offers an extensive menu of (cleverly named) smoothies and juices, with many superfood additions available (cacao, maca, matcha, acai etc.). You can also of course tell the girls what you want, and they’ll make one up for you (I do this often).

There is literally a smoothie or juice to suit whatever you’re doing – whether you want to fuel up before or after a workout; enhance your concentration and focus; improve your energy; boost your immune system; cleanse your body or simply have a healthy treat. There’s a fridge that’s stocked with raw shots too in case you want to squeeze that extra bit of nutrition in – from chilli &lime or apple & ginger, to wheatgrass, yellow pepper & turmeric or celery & cucumber.

Raw juice shots in Liverpool

My absolute favourite item is probably the acai bowls – they are just so refreshing and delicious. Their acai is blended up thickly with bananas and freshly pressed fruit juice or nut mylk, before being topped with granola and fresh fruit. Whenever I’ve had one of these, I feel energised for hours afterwards!

Be sure to look out for their Juice of The Day, which changes daily and will be at the cheaper price of £3. The Juicery also provides juice cleanse packages tailored to you, so be sure to ask if that’s something you’re interested in.Raw acai bowls in Liverpool

The Juicery menu


Raw Cakes & Snacks

The Juicery is also one of the few places in Liverpool where you can buy raw desserts. Their raw cheesecakes and shortbreads come in all kinds of flavours, and they are so creamy and indulgent, you’d never guess they were made with healthy ingredients!

Also among their sweet treat collection are a variety of vegan cupcakes, baked by the famous Liverpool vegan bakery, Cakehole. These things will blow your mind and are the ultimate cruelty-free treat.

Vegan cupcakes Liverpool

Vegan lemon cake in Liverpool


Hot Soup

The girls serve three different hot soups each day, all veggie and made by Jen herself. One of my favourite flavours is the corn chowder, which tastes just like the chicken and sweetcorn soup you can buy from Chinese takeout places. I also love the coconut curry and the blind scouse flavours too.

The Juicery menu


Other Bits & Bobs

Alongside all this stuff, The Juicery sells the regular teas and coffees, as well as coconut water, hot ‘elixirs’ throughout the winter and healthy lattes.

And if you don’t happen to fancy anything healthy, check out their menu of ‘naughty’ shakes, or treat yourself to one of their creamy ice creams, now that summer is on its way.

Vegan cake and coffee Liverpool

Raw juice bar in Liverpool

The Juicery Liverpool

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