Sundays, Sunshine & Skating

Girl with longboard

There’s a lot to be said for the simple act of getting outside. It’s something that should be done regularly – daily, if possible – and yet it’s benefits are so often underrated.

One of the things I love to do when I have some free time (away from working, blogging, emailing and photographing), is to go skating with my guy. Now that it’s spring and the weather is officially warming up, the time has come where we can finally get out the boards again.

Sunday evenings usually lend themselves well to this little activity, if the weather is good. I feel it’s great way to finish off the weekend and blow off some cobwebs before the working week starts again.

I am not some pro skater who knows what she is doing. I literally started learning last summer so am nothing like Christian, who has been skating for years. However, I’m so excited I can pick back up on this awesome hobby and start improving again.

Two Bare Feet longboard

I don’t actually use a skateboard either – the board I’m using here is a free-riding longboard by Two Bare Feet. Thanks to the drop-through trucks and low centre balance, it makes a great board for beginners, and I would seriously it recommend to anyone who’s looking to start skating.

I bought this board for my guy as a birthday gift last year and have been promising to buy my own. However, he seems to prefer the custom boards we have anyway so I don’t feel too bad about hogging it.

In a perfect world, I believe everyone would spend more time outdoors, using our bodies and getting daily movement in. Though I do not hate my job, I do hope for a day when I won’t be chained to a desk for so many hours of the week. It’s unhealthy, it’s unnatural, and it’s not how humans were supposed to live.

The chances are most people won’t be lucky enough to even get the spare time that I get in a week. But if you can find just those small snatches…a little window in which you get to do something you love, then those few moments can feel like the most precious in the world.

Longboarding beginner

What I love most about longboarding is that it’s something I always thought would be fun to do, but never had the courage to try. So to be here, in my mid-20s, learning a new skill and still experiencing what it’s like to try, fail and improve…that means a whole lot more to me.

I hope you guys have all been enjoying the sunshine lately. What is it that you like to do, that takes you away from the demands of the working world?


Two Bare Feet longboard


Girl with longboard

Two Bare Feet longboard

Girl carrying skateboard

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