What I Got for Christmas 2016

Liz Earle perfume gift set

Being a time of year where I’ve received a crazy amount of goodies from loved ones AND had a full week off to myself, I just couldn’t help but take this opportunity to write about my Christmas presents.

Sure, not everyone will care about this stuff, but I got so many nice things I felt it would be nice to showcase some of them in a blog post. Plus, its funny how reading through others’ tweets/IG posts about what others got for Christmas was actually kinda enjoyable; like I was experiencing a small piece of their joy somehow.

One of my favourite things about this Christmas was how it was my first ever one living with my partner. So not only did Chris and I get some lovely presents individually  we also got some extra presents for both of us and the apartment.

So here it is…a glimpse into my Christmas stocking this year 😉


His & Hers Mugs & Straws

His & hers mugs

Such a simple present, yet so adorable. These were one of those ‘to both of you gifts’ from my sister and brother-in-law.


Greenpan Wok

Greenpan wok on stove

An awesome present from my brother, who is probably just as obsessed with cooking & kitchenware as I am :’). This amazing range of ceramic non-stick pans is made with a material called Thermolon, making them not only scratch-resistant and energy saving, but also able to cook your food as evenly as possible and withstand temperatures of up to 450° without releasing any toxins into your food (as apparently some other pans can do).

You can read more about Greenpan here.


Tosca Accessories Stand

Bamboo jewellery stand

Another gift from my sister. Since we moved I’ve been ‘storing’ my bracelets, hair clips and necklaces in a very organised system (not) – spread loosely all over the top of the dresser. With this beautiful Japanese-inspired accessories stand by Tosca, I can now store my bits and bobs tidily and know everything is to hand.


Flashgun Kit

Before I talk about this present I want to take a moment to set a bit of background. Since winter settled in around September/October time, it has made creating content for this blog so much harder for me. With a full time job and the shorter days, I was more-or-less going to work just as it was getting light and arriving home after it had already gone dark, this being the case right up until last week.

This was incredibly frustrating, as it meant the only time for taking photos in natural light would be weekends, with some weekday mornings perhaps lending ten minutes or so for a quick lunch/dinner leftover shot (if I was lucky). Though I’ve just about managed to keep up my goal of two posts per week some of the time, this has not been without its stresses and even on weekends, the sun would start setting at 3pm, making it a race against time to get a good photo of anything.

Last Sunday, Christmas Day, that all changed – thanks to this awesome lighting kit Christian has now bought for me. Spread over eight separately wrapped packages (just to keep the suspense flowing!), the kit involves a flash trigger, two flashes with stands, a multi-way reflector and some foam board, all to help me improve my photography and, with a bit luck (!) my rate of output.

In case you haven’t already sussed… THIS. IS. LIFE-CHANGING!!

No longer will I be restricted to shoot only on weekends; I can now capture beautiful images any time of day whilst also improving my craft as a photographer. It’s taking a bit of time to learn the ropes of shooting with lights but my boyfriend is a wonderful tutor and I’m so impressed and pleased with the results so far!

Hopefully this will up my game when it comes to running this blog and creating some great content. 🙂


New Perfumes

Daisy Dreams Marc Jacobs

I got quite a few new perfumes this Christmas, which was just as well as I was very nearly on the cusp of running out. It’s funny how you rarely buy perfume for yourself, and don’t actually realise how expensive it is until you buy it for someone else!

In my new hoard is Daisy Dreams by Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss’ Lilabelle, J-Love and Jasper Conran.

Kate Moss Lilabelle


Liz Earle ‘Build Your Own Fragrance’ Set

I’ve been a Liz Earle gal for many years now, using very little else but her products on my face. However one thing I’ve never owned is the perfumes, which are made from delicate botanical blends encompassing the best aromas of the Liz Earle products.

Liz Earle fragrances

This ‘Build Your Own Fragrance’ set is pretty exciting, as it explains how to build up your own signature scent using three of the brand’s best selling fragrances, whilst also having the option of using each of the fragrances alone. Suddenly I feel like a kid again playing with flower petals to make my own ‘perfume’…except now I’m sure anything I create will smell much better. 😉

Liz Earle fragrance layering



I was delighted to find that Chris had also snuck into my prezzie haul the Festive Wellness box from LifeBox, giving me a ton of healthy snacks to start my January with (and balance me out after a week of indulging!). Their December vegan box had so many awesome goodies in it that I cannot wait to try!

If you fancy a box of delicious healthy snacks delivered to your door in the new year, go give Lifebox a look.

LifeBox food



PLNT BSD is a new brand of ethical apparel I discovered about a month or so ago, who are still fairly small yet gathering more attention with their minimalistic designs. I like that their clothes reflect a plant-based lifestyle yet don’t use any abrasive or showy phrases, which can sometimes be a little too in-your-face and potentially put people off. I’m looking forward to wearing this tank top more often…

Plnt Bsd clothing


‘Eat Smart’ Cookbook by Niomi Smart

I only came across Niomi Smart a couple of months ago and I couldn’t help but be charmed by her ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos, which showcase all of the delicious plant-based meals she eats in a day. I’m a sucker for some good food inspo (yes, even more of it) and was extremely curious to try out her book.

As it happens this was a ‘bonus’ present from Chris, and I’m pretty glad too because I’ve already folded down the pages of all the recipes I’m excited to try…;)


Rose Geranium & Patchouli Candle by Nathalie Bond Organics

Nathalie Bond candle

Scented candle on dresser

This is another beautiful gift from my sister and her husband. My sister seems to be getting accustomed to buying me soy candles now, which is really handy as they aren’t always the easiest things to find! I’d never heard of Nathalie Bond before but this candle is made with essential oils and smells incredible.

Check out more of her stuff here.


New Pasta Dishes & Mugs

Pastel crockery

Pastel plates stacked

Another one of my favourite ‘housey’ presents we received from my parents were these beautiful pasta dishes by Royal Doulton, and these unbelievably cute Ashley Thomas stacking mugs. Having obtained our initial set of crockery from Tesco Home (can’t go wrong), it feels pretty grown-up to have some fancy dinnerware, and I just love the pretty pastel shades. (In case anybody’s wondering, it’s the 1815 range.)

The only slight problem we’ve encountered since is finding a place to put our new kitchenware as our cupboards are already brimming as it is! Time for a bigger kitchen, maybe…? :’)

Stacking mugs


As well as these I also received a new shirt, new PJs, some money from my boyfriend’s grandparents, some Booja Booja truffles and some new decorations for our Christmas tree :). I can’t help but feel seriously spoiled from the sheer generosity of both of our families, but I can say with 100% honesty that everything will be enjoying a good home…! 😉

What did you guys all get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

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