Reviewing the Best Natural Cleaning Products (Pt II)

Eco friendly cleaning products

So you may have remembered back in July last year when I explained I’d really been getting a bug for using natural, cruelty-free household products in my home.

Well, since then I’ve made a conscious effort to only ever buy completely eco-friendly cleaning products that are both kind to the environment and vegan too. As I’ve slowly replaced everything in my cleaning cupboard, it now feels really good to say that 99% of everything we use is a much kinder alternative to both our planet, health and the animals (except you, Mr. Sheen, you aren’t finished yet. But you will be).


Why ethical cleaning products?

If you’re already following or transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, then you’ll likely already know the horror stories of animal testing for household products. But if you don’t know, you should really check out this article on, which explains how and why animals are still tested on for household products.

Another reason to switch up your cleaning products (even if you’re NOT vegan) is for the environment and your own health. So many of today’s typical household cleaning products are chock-full of toxins and harmful chemicals, many of which have been linked to skin reactions, respiratory problems and even cancer in some cases. Many of today’s mainstream products are also thought to be contributing to the destruction of our air, waters and land.

Eco friendly cleaning products

Companies to avoid

The parent companies below are still testing on animals and are some of the biggest household names in the UK:

  • Unilever (Cif etc.)
  • Reckitt Benckiser (Dettol; Cillit Bang; Harpic, Mr. Sheen, etc.)
  • Proctor & Gamble (Flash, Fairy, Febreze etc.)
  • SC Johnson (Mr Muscle, Duck etc.)

And there are, I’m sure, lots of others, so always do your research before buying.


5 (More) of the Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Without further ado, I’m going to take you through five more eco cleaning products I’ve been absolutely loving lately.

From their pretty packaging, to their beautiful delicate scents and tough cleaning power, there’s no reason we shouldn’t all be using more of these cruelty-free cleaning products in our homes.

Natural cleaning products

Disclaimer: this review post is very Method-dominated, which is one of my favourite ethical cleaning companies. This wasn’t intentional – I usually just write these posts about whatever cleaning stuff I’ve been buying (and loving) at that time. This one happened to be mostly Method but I will try to get in some more variety next time!


1. Method washing-up liquid

This Method washing up liquid* is one of my faves – partly because of the cool bottle, admittedly, but also for other, more practical reasons. This particular one (clementine scented) smells absolutely great, and a little bit goes a looong way and foams up really well, so it competes well with the likes of Fairy liquid ‘double concentrate’ and lasts a really long time.

The cool thing about this washing-up liquid is that it’s refillable. So you only have to buy the bottle once, and then you can buy these squeezy pack things that can be used to refill the bottle. So it’s certainly a better way to reduce plastic use, and will reduce the cost of the washing liquid over time.

(As you can see, I really needed to buy more at the time of shooting this!)

Where to buy

All Method products can be bought from Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado*, Abel & Cole*, Amazon and from many local health supermarkets.


2. Planet Pure floor cleaner

Once my (rather large) bottle of Cif floor cleaner finally ran out, I was excited to replace it with a more natural, kinder version. Though Method and Ecover both do a floor cleaner, I try to sample other, cheaper eco-friendly brands, to ensure my cleaning arsenal remains affordable (and to show that going cruelty-free doesn’t have to be more expensive).

This juniper berry & peppermint floor cleaner by Planet Pure smells absolutely beautiful and really did a great job of cleaning my floors. Our apartment is mostly carpeted but I use this on the kitchen and bathroom floors, with great results. You need to shake the bottle before using and then add around 1-2 good squirts to half a bucket of hot water (I don’t really measure it).

Planet Pure’s scents come from completely natural essential oils, and their products are 100% biodegradable, which is always reassuring to hear.Eco friendly floor cleaner

Where to buy

Planet Pure products can be purchased directly from their website, as well as from Amazon and many local and online health store retailers (do a little Google!).


3. Method hand soap

Okay, so this one isn’t technically a cleaning product, per se. But it is a household product…and I do keep it in the kitchen. So I guess it kind of counts?

As with most of their other products, Method seems to know how to take a simple basic product that’s a mere necessity and turn it into a cool, funky-looking thing you really want in your house. This particular hand wash* was a limited edition pink pomelo scent, but Method do a ton of other fabulous scents as well, including a pink grapefruit one that I later got for the bathroom.

There are two size bottles – 300ml and 345ml – but both are pretty sleek and stylish and look neat on any bathroom or kitchen sink. The liquid soap comes out as a foam, which is a really nice texture and makes washing your hands kinda fun.

Where to buy

As mentioned earlier, all Method products can be purchased via most major supermarkets, Ocado, Amazon and local health supermarkets.

4. Ecover anti-bacterial wipes

These anti-bacterial wipes from Ecover* have been a bit of a lifesaver. For those times that you want to quickly wipe down surfaces or objects, without getting the cleaning cloths out, these wipes are your friend.

I personally use these wipes for when we’ve got people coming over and maybe the bathroom was just cleaned, or doesn’t quite need a full clean yet. I use a few to quickly wipe down the sink, mirror ledge and top of the toilet and it honestly makes it look as though you have a brand-newly scrubbed bathroom on your hands.

I also keep a pack on my desk at work, for when my work area’s getting a little dusty or I’ve spilled some food (which happens quite often).

Eco antibacterial wipes

Where to buy

Most Ecover products can be found easily in Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, on Amazon and in most local health supermarkets.

EDIT 08/04/19

In a bid to reduce my waste even further this year, I no longer buy these Ecover wipes, or disposable wipes of any kind, as they are unnecessarily wasteful.

However, I understand these types of wipes can be a convenient and attractive option for a lot of people. If you do need to buy antibacterial wipes for any reason, PLEASE choose these Ecover ones as they are so much better for the environment than your typical household brands.


5. Method daily shower spray

This last product is maybe one of my favourite eco household products I’ve picked up lately. Though I’ve known about the benefit of a daily shower spray in the past, that benefit is magnified so much more when you know it isn’t causing harm to animals, your home or the planet.

The idea of a daily shower spray is that you spritz down the inside shower walls and tiles right after showering. Then you simply leave the spray to do its job – no rinsing or scrubbing required. The spray helps to reduce soap scum, water marks and build-up over time, so you can go for longer in between bathroom cleans.

The Method shower spray*  has been working like a charm for me, and I have actually noticed that the shower windows look clearer and smoother when I’ve remembered to use it. The smell is also a huge bonus – it sort of reminds me of talc or baby wipes – and helps to minimise any damp odours that might occur.

And of course, when the bathroom does need cleaning, there’s a Method spray for that too.

Eco friendly shower spray


What sustainable cleaning products are you guys loving at the moment?? Have you tried any of these? Are there others you think I should try? Let me know in the comments below!

Links marked with a * are affiliate links.

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