Raw Cereal Bowl

Raw vegan cereal bowl

This recipe is one I created for the good people at Coconut Bowls, who a few weeks ago kindly sent me a couple of their incredible bowls to try.

This bowl isn’t a ‘cereal’, per se, but it is an awesome flavourful combination that makes a delicious and refreshing breakfast.

If you’re a fan of eating things out of bowls, then this is a great way of getting plenty of raw, fresh goodness first thing in a morning. The crisp sweetness of the apple, when combined with warm cinnamon, juicy raisins and crunchy buckwheat, really hits the spot!


Raw cereal bowl in coconut


Another good thing about this bowl is that you can add or swap out ingredients to suit your own tastes. See my recommendations at the bottom!


Easy Raw Cereal Bowl Recipe


  • 1 large or 1.5 medium crisp apple (I believe Fiji, Gala or Braeburn apples work best for this)
  • ½ ripe banana
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • Small handful raisins
  • Small handful pecans
  • 1 tbsp raw buckwheat groats
  • Your favourite non-dairy milk


Other suggested toppings:
Cacao nibs
Goji berries
Pumpkin seeds
Hemp seeds
Chia seeds
Your favourite raw granola or muesli



  1. Chop your apple into small cubes (the smaller the better, for more blended spoonfuls!)
  2. Place into a bowl and add the cinnamon. Mix together until the apple pieces are fully coated.
  3. Slice the banana and arrange over the top of the apple.
  4. Chop up the pecans and scatter over the top. Do the same with the raisins and the buckwheat groat (these add a terrific crunch!)
  5. Add whatever other toppings you desire, then serve with a good splash of your favourite non-dairy mylk. (I like oat.)


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