KeepCup 12oz


The KeepCup is the ultimate reusable coffee cup. Available in a variety of colours and materials, it helps you reduce your plastic cup consumption while ensuring your latte looks damn stylish.



Did you know that 1 in 4 coffee cups don’t get recycled? This is because they are lined with plastic, which as we all know is choking our planet to death.

The KeepCup helps you to reduce your plastic consumption while also looking amazing on your daily coffee run. Available in a variety of colours and materials, your KeepCup is your next favourite accessory.

Choose your KeepCup size depending on the size drink you normally buy. Each size is designed to hold a standard medium/grande latte, with an even smaller option for espressos.

The one in the picture is the 12oz tempered glass KeepCup with espresso coloured lid and cork banding. However you can choose your own when you click the ‘Buy now’ link.

Many coffee shops will offer you a discount for bringing your own coffee cup, so don’t forget to ask!

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