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All too often I read questions online regarding cruelty-free make up and what the best products are to buy.

I could literally sit all day and read endless reviews of exciting new cruelty-free products, but some of the info out there can be confusing.

Is it vegan? Is it tested on animals? Does it contain ingredients that have been tested on animals? Does the company test on animals elsewhere in the world? Do they really not, or are they just saying that?

In my experience, I’ve found that unless a company states explicitly that they tick all of the above criteria, either publicly or via an email to you, their customer, then usually they are not worth bothering with.

However, I understand entirely that this is a developing world, especially in this area. We can only do the best we can in our search for information, and spend our money with the best of intentions. Sure, it’s a kicker when a company turns out to have misplaced your trust when you thought they were cruelty free and it comes out that they’re not. But we live and we learn, right?

So that’s why I thought I’d start posting about the cruelty-free products I like to use, so I can help a sister out. And any new gems I happen to find and love, they’ll be shared right here so that I can give a shout out to brands that are slaying it in the cruelty-free cosmetic (or any other) industry.

Sound good?


Inika – Vegan, Organic, Cruelty-Free Make-Up

So one of my latest discoveries which I tried back in early winter (seems so long ago now!) was Inika, a completely natural, vegan, cruelty-free, mineral-based make-up range based in sunny Australia. I came across them through Sheridyn Fisher, a plant-based Aussie model who is admittedly one of my favourite influences. (Her blog, This Plant Based Life, is pretty awesome, you should go check it out).

Not only is all of Inika’s range natural, vegan and cruelty-free; it’s also organic and all ingredients are vegetable-derived where possible. They have an amazing variety of lip, face and eye make up as well as a series of cruelty-free make-up brushes (which I haven’t tried yet, but I read good things). They also offer a full glossary of ingredients so you can see exactly what goes into their products…and of course, what doesn’t.

Having bought a few things from Inika so far, I have to say I’m loving their service, and the quality. Everything feels high end, but without being hard on the wallet. And don’t worry, there’s a UK version of the site, so you won’t be having to translate what you’re spending!


Inika Highlighter – Getting a Kinder Glow

I personally had never really been interested in using highlighter before, but I decided I wanted one for the winter time to give my face that bit more of a glow. Even though I’m no expert, I know what I do and don’t want from a highlighter, and what a good highlighter should do.

I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

Inika’s highlighter goes onto the skin so easily and effortlessly, blending well with just a light touch and yet not being too shimmery to begin with. With highlighter it could be easy to overdo it and end up looking sweaty or like you’re in a nightclub, but with Inika’s that’s pretty difficult as it’s such a light, build-able product.

Apply the highlighter to your cheekbones, cupid’s brow and brow bones. You can also add a little dab of it to your chin and just above the upper lip too, for added dewiness (I like to do this). The highlighter has pretty good staying power, lasting me for most of my 7.5 hour day and not being too heavy on my skin.

Though I don’t wear this highlighter every day, I find it’s amazing for giving your skin an extra perk when you need it, or when you’re going somewhere in an evening. I also love knowing I’m putting a natural product on my skin, which won’t give me any adverse reactions like blemishes or blocked pores.

Oh, and it lasts ages too. A little goes a long way.

Inika highlighter goes on, I would say, almost like a ‘second skin’ that perfectly aligns and matches with your own. I just love that one shade suits all; it saves so much headache, especially when buying over the net.


So I hope you guys will give Inika a try next time you’re looking for a classy, reliable, good all-round highlighter to wear. I have plenty of other products of theirs I’m eager to talk about soon, so I hope you’ll come back and read those.

All I can say is, if a product performs just the way you want it to, but is actually good for your skin and doesn’t harm any living being in the process, then that’s something I’m happy to put my money into. I hope you guys will feel the same!

If you do give it a try, be sure to comment below and tell me what you think. Or indeed, if you have any other vegan/cruelty-free products you’re living, please share! I am always on the hunt for new brands to try out as my make-up bag becomes more ethical.

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