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Well, it’s finally arrived…we’re in January! I want to say I can’t believe how fast it’s come around, but December was kind of a long month for me for various reasons, and I’m expecting January to be a lot less hectic (for more semi-related reasons).

I also actually took the time to really switch off this Christmas; rather than cram my week with promises and commitments, my time off was long and lazy and slow…which I guess is how Christmas should be.

Along with the prospect of new beginnings and a fresh start, January is a nice mundane antidote to the pre-Christmas rush we tend to experience in December, and following periods of elevation that’s sometimes just what our bodies need.

Gone are the needs to spend, rush, prepare and show up. In January we’re left to sit back, regroup, reorganise and reflect on the joys of the festive season. And, as hard as it might be sometimes, take those joys forward with us into the new season, so that they may keep us warm through the coldness of reality.


My 2016

There are lots of things I am grateful for in this past year, which I want to take the time to recognise. As awkward of a year 2016 has been both globally and nationally, for me personally it has been quite an awesome one. Of course there have been ups and downs, as anybody can expect, but the positive has far outweighed any negative I could have encountered.

In 2016, some of my favourite moments have been:

  1. Taking a 10-day road trip around the north of Italy with my amazing boyfriend, Christian Scott.
  2. Travelling to Gran Canaria with Chris and my family, where we enjoyed a beautiful week in the sun.
  3. Moving into my first ever apartment with Christian in the spring, which we’ve had amazing fun turning into a home and are still always finding ways to make it our own.
  4. Spending the summer learning to skate and improving my photography.
  5. Wild camping with friends in August, where we pitched our tents next to a waterfall and took some amazing starry sky pictures.
  6. Starting this blog, which has been two years (!!) in the pipeline.
  7. Celebrating one year with Christian (yay!).

There have been other things too, such as my brother reaching one year in remission from his illness in 2015 and my band launching a couple more music videos. Above all I am more than happy with what 2016 brought for me and can only hope 2017 is just as exciting and eventful.


2017 ‘Goals’

I’m usually not one to set out ‘New Year’s resolutions’ as such (and even less likely to share them openly) but I thought this time around I’d make an exception. I never go crazy setting huge grand expectations but as it happens this year I do have one or two things I’m keen to work on.


1. Be more positive

It’s easy to be positive when everything is going great, but when something isn’t going to plan I have a terrible habit of getting panicked, stressy, moody or taking a defeatist attitude. I know I’m not easy to be around when I’m having one of those moments and I know I must drive Chris crazy, especially as he’s so good at always finding solutions instead of pointing out the negatives.

This year I hope I can start to take on more of his approach when it comes to things like this and make a conscious effort to stay positive, even when I don’t feel it.


2. Be careful with my time

By this, I don’t mean ‘do more’ or ‘be more productive’ or anything like that. I feel I’m already a pretty productive person, or at least I like to think. I may have days where I don’t make much progress or don’t feel so creative, but on the whole I always do my best to make use of the spare time I have to be as productive as I can.

This goal is more about being realistic about what I can achieve within a set time, as well as not wasting time on things that are not relevant or pressing, or things that I don’t like. I am often a little too ambitious about what I can get done in a day or evening and then I end up stressing myself out trying to get it all done, and beating myself up when I don’t. I feel a good goal will be to ease up on myself a little; not stress so much about achieving multiple things in a short time but instead focusing on one task individually and feeling good when I get it done.


3. Eat more raw food

Raw food is something I’ve been intrigued by for a while now, having wanted to learn more about raw and Ayurvedic cooking but not having the drive or willpower to learn. I know full well how raw food tends to be typically higher in nutrition and has a range of benefits, including more energy and a strengthened immune system. However, the comfort and familiarity of cooked food has always been difficult to stray from, and I continue to go back to the dishes I know and love.

I believe that cooked food in itself has a variety of benefits and would never ever go fully ‘raw’ (studies have shown that the body works best when we have a balance of both raw and cooked foods). But I wouldn’t mind experimenting a bit more with raw foods. I already eat raw food in the form of smoothies, salads, energy balls and snacking on fruit throughout the day, but I’m curious to incorporate more raw dinners into my diet and seeing how they affect my health and energy levels.


Well, that’s all from me. What are all your 2017 goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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