Frost Burgers: A Vegan’s Junk Food Paradise

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When one adapts a fully vegan lifestyle, most people assume foods like burgers, nuggets, ice cream, milkshakes, cookies and doughnuts are completely off the table.

Of course nothing could be further from the truth. Not only can all of these culinary delights be made with plant-based ingredients at home, we are now living in a vegan era, where plant-based versions of ALL your favourite foods will likely exist and be available to easily purchase in almost any supermarket, cafe or restaurant chain.

“Okay,” you might be saying. “So I can go and buy vegan burgers and faux chicken nuggets from the store. But that won’t sate my cravings on the go! That isn’t going to make me not miss McDonalds!!”

I get it. Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle – or even just trying to cut down on meat in general – doesn’t come without its challenges. From nostalgic food memories embedded in us from childhood to temptation waiting for us on every billboard, sometimes it can feel that there’s always something out there waiting to trip us up.

But I’ll cut to the chase. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just dipping your toe into the world of plant-based eating, you’re going to want to know about Frost Burgers in Liverpool.

Don’t worry if you’re craving your favourite fast food.

Don’t worry if you need a delicious burger on the go, STAT.

Don’t worry even if you haven’t been able to go fully vegan yet.

Because this place, ladies and gentlemen, is where it’s all at.

100% Plant-Based Street Food

Frost Burgers is the completely plant-based burger franchise established by vegan YouTube star, Monami Frost. The burger place was opened in 2018, after a long year of Monami’s team working tirelessly through building works and regulation obstacles to secure the premises on Wood Street in Liverpool’s Ropewalks.

Together with her small tighly knit team, Monami runs the vegan fast food joint alongside her other projects, without any funding from larger companies. This places the eatery firmly on the list as one of Liverpool’s beloved independents, with a rapidly growing reputation to boot.

Frost sells every manner of vegan fast food in the same way you remember it from your omnivorous days. Salty, tasty and addictive, but without any greasiness sometimes experienced with other fast food (vegan included).

Whether you’re transitioning to a plant-based diet and are looking for new places to eat in this fabulous city, or just cutting back on your meat intake (but still craving those familiar flavours), Frost is the answer to pretty much all of your prayers.

On its menu you’ll find an array of delightfully composed plant-based burgers, each one named after what it doesn’t include. The Beef-Free, Chicken-Free and Fish-Free are all pretty accurate imitations of your usual junky go-to, crammed full of the usual suspects like ketchup, mustard, pickles and vegan cheese. The Falafel burger is pretty standard vegan fare, while the Scorpion turns up the heat of the Beef-Free with the addition of chillis/jalepenos.

The Cheezburger and G Mayo Chicken are simplified versions of your favourite McDonald’s items – think the cheeseburger and McChicken sandwich. Meanwhile, the Double Trouble is a fantastically double-stacked beef-free burger with a secret sauce reminiscent of the famous Big Mac, while the Bacon-Free adds a cheeky couple of strips of plant-based bacon to the already mouthwatering Cheezburger.

Add to any of those a side of fries – the best American-style fries you’ve ever tasted, if you believe my boyfriend – and a sauce of your choice. Frost’s selection ranges from the classic tomato ketchup and BBQ sauce, to tantalising no-honey mustard and sriracha mayo. The latter happens to be Christian’s favourite and a sworn secret Frost recipe (which we haven’t been able to get them to share…yet).

If you’re feeling extra peckish, you’ll likely have room for a bag of the Frost Bites, which are tender tofu nuggets coated in a rich, crispy breadcrumb coating. These bad boys go exceedingly well dunked into either the BBQ, sweet chilli or mayo sauces and you’ll find it difficult to choose between these and a mouthwatering burger (if you even have to choose at all).

Finally, if you’re not too full, you can finish off with one of Frost’s delicious sweet treats. Choose from their array of drool-worthy doughnuts, which change on the daily and can include anything from strawberry iced and regular glazed, to maple-‘bacon’ and seasonal flavours like pumpkin spice. There’s also giant choc-chip cookies, which though I can’t personally vote for just yet, I can only imagine will taste amazing.

For me, the milkshakes are where it’s all at. Made from Frost’s own vegan soft-serve (which you can enjoy plain on top of a cornet), these milkshakes are thick, creamy, frosty, and everything else you want a milkshake to be. If you grab one alongside your meal, beware – they’re often served immediately, which means you won’t be able to resist guzzling it down whilst you wait for your burger to fly off the grill. Choose from strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, banana and cookie dough. Though I haven’t got around to trying them all yet, the strawberry and cookie dough flavours come with my highest recommendations.

Just when you thought all of this was enough to die and go straight to vegan heaven, Frost also has a regularly rotating secret menu, which involves even more mouthwatering delights – some genius, some strange. From firm favourites like their bubblegum milkshake to the infamous Candy burger to the more recent Animal-Free burger (beef-free and chicken-free combined), it’s just one way Frost like to keep us regulars on their toes.

But don’t take my word for it – head on over to the Frost Instagram page to be kept in the loop with all the Frost secret menu action.

What do you guys think?? Will you be trying out Frost Burgers soon, or are you already a loyal disciple? Let me know in the comments below!!

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