Food Hero: Loving Earth Raw Chocolate

Loving Earth raw chocolate

I’ve wanted to write a post about Loving Earth chocolate for some time now, but never quite got around to doing so. However, I’m now here to share one of my favourite chocolate brands with ya’ll. Because, you know, we can never have too much chocolate in our lives, right?


About Loving Earth

Loving Earth are a small but rather mighty Australian food brand, selling foods that don’t just do us good, but taste delicious too. I personally have only experienced their raw organic chocolate, but these guys are also expert creators of healthy and nutritious cereals, butters and spreads, superfood powders, low GI sweeteners, and gorgeous cacao and coconut products. I would love to try any of these at some point  – if you do be sure to let me know your verdict!

Raw vegan chocolate


The Deal With Raw

I’m going to put it out there – I’m a sucker for raw chocolate. Many of you may be thinking, “Raw whatnow?” Or you may be thinking, “Yeah yeah, I’ve been around the raw chocolate block. What’s the big deal about?”

But before I go any further, I will say any type of raw chocolate always has my attention. If I had to be a collector of something, it would probably be raw chocolate. There’s a part of me that just wants to try them all.

Loving Earth assorted vegan chocolate

So, why the big fuss about raw? Well, the truth is that cacao beans – the beginning ingredient of all chocolate – is actually very nutritious, in it’s whole state. As well as being packed with flavonoids and other powerful antioxidants, it’s also a fabulous source of magnesium, zinc, manganese and even iron, and is an amazing energy booster.

The sad part is that thanks to all the processing it goes through in order to become the chocolate we see on the shelves, most of those beneficial properties are destroyed. In fact, most of the conventional milk chocolate we’re used to contains only very minimal amounts of cacao.

With raw chocolate, the cacao goes through very little processing, never being heated above 45°. It also usually contains very few ingredients, keeping things simple to just the main necessities. And as they tend to use natural, low GI sweeteners like coconut sugar or lucuma powder, they’re often easier on the blood sugar levels than your usual stick of dairy milk.

Loving Earth small boxes


Raw, Organic, Delicious

One of the main things that drew me to Loving Earth was the sheer variety of flavours to choose from. Some of the flavours aren’t ones I’ve seen offered by any other raw chocolate brand so I was totally stoked to get stuck in.

Loving Earth vegan chocolate

Their simple formulation contains just 4-5 ingredients, the core ones being fair trade coconut nectar, virgin cacao butter, raw cacao beans and pink lake salt. All of the ingredients used in the Loving Earth’s bars are organic, and any nuts used (as with the hazelnut bar) are also ‘activated’, meaning they’ve been soaked beforehand to make them easier to digest. (I don’t usually care about soaked nuts, but it was impressive seeing how much time and attention this company puts into making its chocolate!)

Each bar of chocolate comes in a couple of sizes – a 30g snack size or a larger 80g. Loving Earth also has a separate range of more ‘special’ flavours that come in smaller 45g boxes. I’ve popped a full list of all their flavours below, so you’ll be able to choose wisely. 😉

Loving Earth vegan chocolate

Loving Earth Standard 80g Bars

Dark (72%)
Dark (85%)
Salted Caramel
Lemon Cheesecake

My favourite ones from the big bars have to be the hazelnut, mint, salted caramel and lemon cheesecake – they are all to die for!! All of the above flavours also come in a smaller 30g size as well.


Loving Earth 45g Bars

Nutty Mr. Maple
Turkishly Delightful
Very Buck ‘n’ Berry
Coffee Kapow
Salted Caramel Swayzee
Banoffee Bang Bang

I can highly recommend the Nutty Mr. Maple and the Salted Caramel Swayzee for a devilishly good afternoon treat.

Loving Earth also have a few other treats among their chocolate selection – like their caramel, hazelnut butter or cashew mylk-filled chocolate eggs, and salted caramel chocolate-covered almonds. Beware – they’re highly addictive!


The Mission Behind the Chocolate

Loving Earth raw vegan chocolate in boxesLike with any good company that’s passionate about what they do, Loving Earth have a lot going behind the scenes of their products. Founders Scott Fry and Martha Butler were inspired to create their chocolate after returning to Melbourne from Mexico. With a determination to create a product that satisfied their three principles: healthy; sustainable; fair – they worked hard for months as a two-man business before growing to become the revered brand they are today.

Now, Loving Earth works on the philosophy that the earth is a living organism; one that is to be cared for and preserved. Working in line with their vision to take manufacturing back to the indigenous communities, they source their ingredients from growers all over the world including Peru, Indonesia and Australia. This increases the revenue the growers can generate from their families, ensuring a fair and sustainable manufacturing process all round.

Stacked up bars of Loving Earth chocolate


Where to Find

You can find Loving Earth chocolate in many local health food shops, including Wholefoods and Planet Organic*. You can also order online via Amazon* or Holland & Barrett*.

Links marked with a * are affiliate links.

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