Food Hero: Pip & Nut Chocolate Orange Almond Butter

Chocolate almond butter

Like nearly any other vegan/health-conscious eater, I have a bit of a thing for nut butters.

However, unlike the typical oil and sugar-laden peanut butter many of us probably had as kids, nowadays the world of nut butters has so much more to offer.

Think rich, creamy butters churned from just nuts alone – no added sugar, no salt, no oils etc. (Though there are various opinions on whether palm oil is an acceptable addition, I prefer mine without – just 100% nuts, as they are please.)

I mainly stick to good ol’ fashioned peanut butter most of the time (my fave brand is Meridian). But I also like to have almond butter and hazelnut butter in the house when I can, for whipping up desserts or including in smoothies.

But if you’re not aware, nut butters are really coming into their own lately. I’ve seen chocolate ones; ones with honey; different nut and seed blends etc. There’s totally no excuse now not to ditch that unhealthy jar of Nutella and swap it for a chocolatey hazelnut butter instead. The taste really is just mind-blowing.

I was reminded of this when I had a delicious jar of Pip & Nut chocolate orange almond butter drop into my blogger mail sometime last week. It is the latest flavour from nut butter experts Pip & Nut, and I have to say, it’s every bit as delicious as you imagine.


Who are Pip & Nut?

Pip & Nut was founded by a girl named Pip just a handful of years back. With a longing to create healthy snacks that fuelled her before heading into the great outdoors, she began to make her own nut butters, using only whole, nourishing ingredients.

Soon Pip was selling her nut butters at Maltby St Market in London, and by 2015 had launched her first nut butter onto the shelves of Selfridge’s.

Now, her collection of nut butters can be found in over 5,000 stores across the UK and counting. With a focus on natural ingredients and a promise to never use added refined oils or sugars in their products, Pip & Nut make the kind of nut butter you can feel good about smothering on your toast each day.

(The brand are also the fabulous creators of nut mylks and squeezy nut butter packs, too.)

Chocolate orange, let’s go!

Pip & Nut’s limited edition chocolate orange almond butter ticks all the boxes of an indulgent treat, while still remaining wholesome and nutritious.

Creamy, rich and chocolatey with a delicious hint of zesty orange, this product is a MUST for chocolate orange-lovers everywhere, and is perfect for spreading on toast, dolloping on porridge, drizzling on pancakes or simply eating with a spoon.

If you’ve got fussy kids and are looking for a tasty snack to give them after school, this nut butter would be perfect. Serve it with slices of apple, orange or even strawberries, or spread it on crackers.

This nut butter would also be delicious blended into an ice cold smoothie, or rolled into super quick energy balls (see my recipe below!).


What’s in there?

The ingredients of this chocolate orange almond butter are relatively simple:

  • Almonds
  • Cacao paste
  • Coconut
  • Agave nectar
  • Orange extract
  • Sea salt.

My only small gripe is that I wish Pip & nut chose to use a more nutritious and less refined sweetener, like maple syrup or date paste, instead of agave nectar. (See why these are better options in this video from

However, seeing as its not in the top three ingredients, it’s likely only an extremely small amount of agave is used, meaning this chocolate orange almond butter is still a wholesome snack and can be enjoyed as a treat.


Where to find it

You can find Pip & Nut’s chocolate orange almond butter from Ocado* or local Sainsbury’s. But remember, it’s limited edition, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to get your hands on a jar!

You can find Pip & Nut’s other products in a number of stores like Tesco, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and also via Amazon.


Chocolate Orange Energy Balls Recipe

Pip & Nut chocolate almond butter

If you do happen to try this almond butter, I certainly recommend whipping them into these easy-peasy, three-ingredient energy balls as shown below.

Energy balls are sweet, unbaked treats usually made from a blend of nuts, dates and other superfoods and flavourings. They’re great for a quick healthy snack on the go, or for a pop of energy during the mid-afternoon slump.

Thanks to all the flavour packed into this nut butter, these energy balls require just three ingredients (one of which is optional), and will practically taste like chocolate truffles!


  • 12 medjool dates
  • 3 tbsp Pip & Nut chocolate orange almond butter
  • Cacao powder, to dust (optional)



  1. Blend the first two ingredients together in a blender or food processor.
  2. Shape the batter into small balls and place on a plate or tray to refrigerate for 1 hour.
  3. Dust with cacao powder to finish. You could also roll them in crushed almonds or chia seeds.

Have you guys tried this nut butter yet? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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