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Sustainable vegan apparel

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I’ve been trying lately to avoid the all-too-common ‘fast fashion’ options that are available to us these days, and instead buy only from brands whose clothes are well-made and have minimal impact on the environment.

From using ethically sourced materials, to not exploiting animals for their skins and ensuring their workers are paid a fair wage, there are tons of ways companies can produce fashion sustainably.

One such company who is doing all those things and then some is Vegan Outfitters – a small UK-based apparel line who are committed to spreading the vegan message, one tee at a time.

Who are Vegan Outfitters?

Referring to themselves playfully as ‘passionate plant-based vegan killjoys’, VO are clearly a brand that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Using a variety of catchy slogans, plays on words and cute designs, Vegan Outfitters sell a variety of stylish sweatshirts, hoodies, tanks, tees and accessories that promise to get people thinking.

I have always loved the idea of fashion as activism, so ‘veganised’ t-shirt designs are always appealing to me. However, while some may worry about wearing an overly provocative statement, VO keep their designs cool, calm and sassy – from the sarcastic “No, I don’t miss bacon” to the more subtle “Be Kind to Every Kind” or the witty “I’m a vegan, but I don’t like to talk about it”.

Whatever your style of approach, you’re sure to find an item that matches your sentiment exactly and will help you spread the vegan message in a way that you want.

Ethical vegan t-shirt


Cruelty-free & Vegan

As you may have guessed, Vegan Outfitters doesn’t use any animal-derived materials in its production. But not only that – its clothing is also PETA-certified as 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Also, for every purchase you make on their website, VO donates money to feed a rescue farm animal in a UK sanctuary. So, the profit from your t-shirt could help pay for:

  • 3 x days worth of kale for a goat
  • 7 x days worth of hay for a sheep during the colder months
  • Sweetcorn to feed 4 chickens as a treat
  • 7 x days worth of watermelon to feed a turkey (they love it!).

Sustainably Made

Vegan Outfitters work to a strict zero-waste policy in their facility. This involves making every item to order so that there is less waste produced. Any scraps of material are recycled to make more things, and the company will amazingly create and ship your item in 3-5 business days.

VO also uses eco-friendly dye in their clothing, and their sewing and cutting floor is solar-powered. Whilst VO’s delivery packaging is, for the moment, made out of 100% recycled materials, the company is aiming to go a step further and make all of it compostable and biodegradable too, which will happen within four weeks (from the time of writing).

All of Vegan Outfitters’ clothing is made in a W.R.A.P Gold-certified facility. This means:

  • No child labour or use of sweatshops
  • Safe, lawful, humane manufacturing
  • Solar-powered
  • Uses 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer.

VO’s premium tees are made with 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, making them soft to touch and wash well. Their other clothing is all made from cotton, bamboo, or a mix of the two.

My Thoughts

I was super excited to try on a couple of pieces of VO apparel for myself. Not only do I love adding new pieces of ‘vegan statement’ clothing to my wardrobe, I also love to support independent, sustainable companies whenever I can, in the hope that they may one day be the example that all other fashion brands follow.

The ‘Plant Based’ ethical hoodie* is extremely warm and cosy, and I love the fit. Not only does the message make a statement without having to say much, the slightly baggy but still tailored look is just perfect. It’s soft and fleecy on the inside and goes well with jeans or shorts. As well as the white one that’s pictured here, this hoodie is also available in grey, black and navy.

Meanwhile, the ‘Herbivore’ dinosaur t-shirt* is right up my street. Not only do I like grey tees thanks to their versatility, I also love the little cute dinosaur on the front. This t-shirt is more of a slim fit, so it looks very tailored but isn’t too tight. The material is a little thin, but I imagine this would make it a great garment to wear in the summer and it is still ten times better quality than tees I have bought from the typical high street brands. As well as grey, it’s also available in white, black and navy.

Overall, I am loving what these guys are doing and would highly recommend them for all of your vegan apparel needs. From the designs to the quality to their sustainable principles, Vegan Outfitters are one brand that’s changing the tide for the future of fashion.


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By clicking through to any of the products mentioned here, you’ll receive a 10% discount on any of the Vegan Outfitters collection! Alternatively you can use the code ‘PEACHY’ during checkout. Be sure to let me know what you guys get! 😉

Products marked with a * were gifted to me by the company.

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  1. Hey. Is this info outdated? I can’t find a UK store for Vegan Outfitters. Your link redirects me to an American site only. Has their UK website shut down without updating you?

    1. Hi! It seems to work fine for me when I click on the links. Which link in particular is not working for you? Perhaps it takes your location based on your browser settings.

      Just in case, the UK site is https://veganoutfitters.com/ and you can use the discount code ‘PEACHY’ to get 10% off. 🙂

  2. Hi Adele,

    Hope you are doing well.
    First of all: I love your website! It’s really cool to see how you put veganism in the spotlight.

    That being said, I bumped into your website when I searched for information on the Vegan Outfitters hoodie. I was wondering what size you are wearing and what is your length (if not too personal)? And is the hoodie you are wearing a unisex one? I am interested in a slightly different hoodie from VO, but as that one is unisex so probably same measurement will apply.

    Would be great if you can reply, thanks so much in advance!


    1. Hey Marianne, thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. 🙂

      Not too personal at all! My size is a size 8, though I can’t see what that translates to as the sizing label on my hoodie has faded, lol! I’d say its an XS. The website does say this hoodie is unisex but I’d recommend sizing up if you want a baggier, looser fit.

      Hope that helps!

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