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Some posts on this site may use affiliate links via Amazon Associates, Awin, Shareasale or Skimlinks. This means I will receive a small commission (literally pennies!) if you decide to buy through that link. It’ll cost you no more, no less, than it would otherwise, and it goes towards the continuous running of this website enabling me to keep producing helpful, quality content.

Please know that I only ever recommend products I genuinely love and would use, and that meet a (pretty strict) ethical and sustainable criteria. If you have any issues at all with something I’ve recommended then please let me know, but for the most part, you can be sure you’re in good hands!


Sponsored Content

Occasionally I will write blog posts that are sponsored by brands. Please be assured that I turn down 90% of collabs and sponsorship opportunities I am offered, choosing only to work with brands I feel are relevant to this blog and that I truly believe in. Therefore any brands you see mention in a sponsored capacity will have been carefully considered and any work I do with them will be purposeful and intentional.


Copyright policy

I’m totally cool with people sharing my recipes/posts on their website, but please ensure you provide an author credit and do-follow link back to me. If I find anybody to have republished my content without proper credit or permission I will ask them to either amend the atttibution or remove the content entirely. Plagiarism is just not cool, folks.

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