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Vegan bakery London

If you’ve never died and been to vegan bakery heaven, then you’ve clearly never been to Cookies & Scream.

Tucked away snugly amongst the bustle of Camden Market, Cookies & Scream ‘cookie bar’ is any vegan’s shortcut to total cake bliss. Though I’ve only been there a couple of times (and have never had the pleasure of visiting the larger bakery on Holloway Road) this place has long had a special place in my heart.

Calling it a bakery might be a bit of a stretch – C&S in Camden is more of a quick-stop bar crammed in among countless other food stalls. Anybody who’s meandered through Camden Lock knows it can get a bit crazy, and this is definitely the case when C&S is open, drawing in flocks of hungry vegans (and omnivores) with its indulgent milkshakes, cookies and cakes.

Vegan bakery menu

Honestly, the first time I visited C&S with my friend Kana, I got pretty hyped from how much sugar I ate in such a short space of time. Of course this is not something I recommend, but it had been such a while since I had been able to let loose on such delectable animal-free treats that it just had to be done. (Luckily since then the outlets for vegan treats in Liverpool have grown and as a result I’m capable of much more self control.)

If you’re a nut or soy allergy sufferer, I’m sorry but you probably won’t be able to experience C&S’s rich bounty, so this place may not be for you. However, for vegans and gluten-sensitive eaters, C&S will be able to cater to your every ridiculous sweet tooth-driven whim that you’ll feel dizzy from the available choice (and may do later on, depending on the amount of sugar consumed).

Vegan pies

Among Scream’s menu are giant cookies, made with wholesome fruit purees and flax seed and so soft and gooey they may start melting before you can shove them in your mouth.

If you’re down for the hot ‘n’ cold combo, you might fancy a thick slab of warm cookie or brownie with a scoop of dairy-free ice cream on top.

And if you’re a fan of a delicious creamy milkshake, then you can have your choice of ice cream and sauce blended into a thick Scream shake, along with (if you want) your choice of cookie or brownie.

Vegan donuts

Get there early enough, and you may even catch one of S&C’s famous vegan donuts (though I hear they sell out quick). Unlike regular donuts though, Scream’s donuts are baked instead of fried, so you won’t need to feel quite as guilty for letting your cravings run wild.

All in all, Cookies & Scream is a one-of-a-kind treat that everyone – not just plant-based eaters – needs to experience sometime.

Vegan cookie bar London


Find Cookies & Scream cookie bar in the Dingwalls gallery area of Camden Market, and the bake shop on Holloway Road, London.

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