Bad Brownie: Making Vegan Brownies Great Again

Bad Brownie vegan brownies

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As the vegan food market continues to explode with new names coming out left, right and centre, plant-based eating is no longer a marginalised concept.

Whereas once you’d be limited to creating almost everything in your own kitchen, or making do with lacklustre vegan options that neither excited or satisfied, now we are swamped with choice at the supermarket, restaurants and of course, online.

Quick to follow the rapid birth of new vegan brands, are the non-vegan brands keen to grab a slice of the action. With more and more businesses becoming aware of the demand for vegan (and gluten-free) options, it’s now more unusual to find brands not catering for this once-sidelined lifestyle.

The result? Vegans everywhere are rubbing our hands together with glee, as we ponder which culinary cruelty-free delight we’ll get to try next.

Introducing: Bad Brownie

One non-vegan brand opening themselves up to a vegan market is Bad Brownie, the cult brownie enthusiasts who are known for their indulgent, moreish brownies across London and Cambridge.

Having started out as a humble dream between two friends Morag Ekanger and Paz Sarmah, the popularity of Bad Brownie’s gourmet brownies soon spread, and before the pair knew it they were appearing at markets everywhere. They even got to present in 2016’s series of Dragon’s Den, where fashion & retail expert Touker Souleyman agreed to invest in Bad Brownie’s chocolatey prowess. Fast forward to today and Paz and Morag are selling their brownies online to anyone who wants them, with ongoing subscriptions available.

Though the majority of Bad Brownie’s offering isn’t suitable for vegans, the company has introduced their Vegan & No Gluten Gourmet Brownie Box, which aims to give those with specific dietary preferences a slab of the yumminess. The boxes come in sets of either 12 or 24, and would make the perfect gift for brownie-lovers everywhere (even if that’s to you, from you).

Gluten free gourmet brownies

I tested Bad Brownie’s vegan gourmet brownie box

I feel like I’ve been vegan long enough to know that when it comes to brownies, a lot can go wrong. Of course, there are plenty of suitable ingredients that perform just as well as animal products, like vegan margarine, coconut oil and flax or chia seeds. But depending on what other ingredients are used, especially when trying to also make the brownies gluten-free, these combinations can provide very different results. It seems that most vegan cookbook authors have gone through rigorous testing when they present their final brownie recipes.

Second to that, is the fact that there seems to be very different perceptions of what brownies should entail. For me personally, I’ll just come right out and say that brownies should be slightly biscuity, crunchy or gooey, or any combination of those. Brownies should NOT be: cakey, spongey, or fluffy. That is chocolate CAKE, not a brownie. Let me just put that out there now.

Thankfully, Bad Brownie understand all of this perfectly, and get the texture pretty much on point. Their vegan brownies are incredibly rich and gooey when enjoyed at room temperature, with their intriguing additions like creamy caramel and dark chocolate chips only adding to the indulgence. When served fresh out of the fridge, they take on more of a firm but still pleasantly fudgey texture, which others might prefer.

For me, the perfect way to enjoy them is when they’ve been sitting out of the fridge just long enough to soften and take on that ‘melt in your mouth’ texture. Their cute bite-size also means its difficult to overeat and end up feeling sickly; however, that’s if you can stop at just one!

The gourmet vegan & gluten-free 12-box contains three flavours of brownies: salted caramel, cookie dough and raspberry. I’ve listed each flavour below with my thoughts, though of course you’ll have to try them to determine your own favourite!

Salted Caramel

Runny caramel is sandwiched between two gooey brownie layers before finished with a delightful gold shimmer on the top. 10/10 for presentation.

Gourmet vegan brownies delivery

Though this brownie was definitely delicious, I feel like the common flavour was mainly chocolate – not enough caramel or indeed salt if you ask me (I’m a fan of the sweet ‘n’ salted combos). I feel like if the saltiness was turned up a little, these little dudes would have been perfect. However these were Christian’s favourite of the bunch, so take my opinion with a pinch of (ahem) salt.

Cookie dough

These are the clear winner in my eyes. A layer of rich gooey brownie is topped with a wedge of literal cookie dough, with chocolate chips and a chocolatey drizzle. The cookie dough is honestly how you imagine eating cookie dough with a spoon to be – with a lovely buttery, sugary texture – all packaged up in a convenient bite-size snack.


Though I’m not really a fan of mixing fruit flavours with chocolate (never the two shalt meet, in my opinion) this brownie was pleasantly zingy and sweet, with a layer of rich chocolate ganache on top and a scattering of freeze-dried raspberries. Although this was my least favourite, it would 100% be a hit for those who like a touch of fruitness to cut through the sweetness of the chocolate.

WIN a box of Bad Brownie Vegan Gourmet Brownies

I’ve teamed up with Bad Brownie to give you guys the chance to WIN a box of these delicious vegan (and gluten-free) brownies for yourself! (Or a friend, if you’re feeling generous…)

Simply follow the instructions to enter via the widget opposite. You can enter in different ways and as many times as you like. The competition will close at midnight on Thursday 24th September and the winner will be announced the following day.

Good luck! Leave me a comment below telling me which would be your favourite brownie…

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